GIC Nexus was pleased to present the i-Ox – new accessory for portable electronic devices on the exhibitions CTIA 2013, 2014
in Las Vegas, NV.


Innovative solutions are a part of every day at GIC Nexus. Not tolerant of the ordinary, GIC Nexus strives to create solutions that make life easier, safer, more fun, and even more extraordinary. We believe that technology should serve you and relieve stress, not produce it. Our founder - a creative entrepreneur with a knack for designing pioneering solutions, leads the way with our product development that is not confined to one industry. GIC Nexus products span throughout various industries with accessories for portable electronic devices, home improvement goods and other products aimed at improving the quality of life.


Our mission is to bring to you the everyday consumer products that will take the drudge out of life, simplify difficult tasks and free up your time to spend doing the things that you desire. Welcome to our website and feel free to browse the inventive products that we have on show. We are busy thinking up new ways to make your life easier and we encourage you to contact us with any questions that you may have about the goods that we supply. The wide range of products that we are planning to roll out will become household names for their clever, original and beautiful designs as well as their simple functionality.


GIC Nexus LTD.


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